Saturday, February 20, 2016

The "Big Girl" Room

Our little family is expanding! We are so happy to say another little miracle is on it's way and scheduled to arrive in early June. It wasn't always the easiest road for us but looking back, I'm thankful that my Lord makes all things work together for good (Romans 8:28).

We found out last month that our little one is a baby boy and we are already in love with him. 

Since the nursery is, well... the nursery, he'll be moving in there and Aislyn will be getting a big girl room. Thankfully, the nursery wasn't really gender-specific, so it will do fine! I just need to change a few things and it will be all set for Baby Boy. :)

Aislyn will be getting the guest room and I'll admit, I've been dreaming up ways to make it her special room.
When we first moved in, it was covered in....yep, you've got it by now if you've been reading this blog-brown paneling (the original owner's favorite thing in the whole wide world). I'm so bummed that this is the ONLY before picture I have of this room. I scoured through my albums for quite a while but it's the one and only. Boo.

I have to admit though, even in it's ugly, blurry stage here, I love this room. It's one of those rooms that has slanted ceilings on both sides and makes it feel like you're up in a treehouse. It's also the room Jesse and I made our bedroom while we were renovating the entire downstairs, (which was almost a year). So it's pretty near and dear to my heart. 

After painting the paneling and replacing the window and carpet, we let this adorable room sit as a guest room for a few years. 

And it was quite happy like that for a while, but it was now the time for this little room to get promoted to "Big Sister" room. 

I went about planning for this room a little differently than I had for the other rooms. Instead of starting with the big picture, I started with the details. There were certain things I found or liked in a store and went from there. 
Things like this adorable little bunny....

Gold knobs (painted by me!)....

Book bins... (of course!)

Heart garland (hand-painted by Aislyn!)

A chandelier...

And a ribbon-decorated lamp with a picture of my little girl playing with my wedding shoes :)

 I'm excited about the final result and actually could see myself happily spending afternoons up here as a little "treehouse" retreat.

Now we'll just see if Aislyn is as excited about it as I am ;)


  1. That room is so beautiful-a wonderful space for Aislyn.

  2. Nicole I love your blog. Keep writing.

    1. You are so sweet Aunt Phyl! Thank you :)

  3. That's a Big Girl Room that works now and will still be great later. Like the chandelier so much! Cool idea.

  4. Love it! It darling. Nice work! :)