Monday, February 17, 2014

A Second Full Bathroom? Say what?!

You might remember from this post that when we converted our bedroom into a master suite, we lost the only full bathroom we had. Well, not really lost, but Jesse and I claimed it for ourselves (I know, we can be a little greedy).
Now our guests would need to travel through our bedroom to use the only full bathroom in our house. Not horrible (I actually grew up in a house of 6 with only one bathroom) but we really wanted another bathroom upstairs.

Wonder of wonders....there happened to be this huge, (yes ugly) but wonderful space directly above our current full bathroom!

It was sort of a weird space, you could say. Immediately upon arriving upstairs, there was this incredibly large landing that was not being utilized. Well, not for long. We had some plans for this space.

I've always been fascinated with magic tricks. Making something appear out of nothing is quite amazing to me. A rabbit out of hat, a dove out of your hand. I don't even try to figure out how they do it, I just watch in amazement.

I did a lot of watching the next few months as Jesse, my dad and a few friends did exactly that: Created a bathroom out of thin air. Well, at least it seemed like that to me.

First, we took off that oh so beautiful paneling.

Yep, it's dirty up here. Hang on with me WILL get better!

Then, the amazing Jesse built walls to frame the new bathroom. This takes talent. Building square walls within a not-so-square house is no easy challenge.

Yay for drywall!

 Here's where the little sink will go!

And....voila! Here's what it looks like today!

To me, it's magic.

I can't wait to have you over so you can try out the new guest bathroom!

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